how to make money on fiverr in 2021 (Ultimate Guide)

make money on fiverr

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know as well as strategies to follow to become successful on Fiverr. This post is going to be long and very detailed as I intend to cover all nitty-gritty of Fiverr that will get you orders as soon as possible.

If you are really serious about getting orders consistently on Fiverr, you need to follow every little detail I would be sharing here and put them into action. There are various online marketers that will lure you to buy a course on “Secrets” to make money on Fiverr, only for you to end up wasting money on the course that is as good as useless.

What you will learn here is not a “secret” or “hack”, but, simple strategies and things most Fiverr sellers don’t take cognizance of when creating their account and this plays a significant role on how successful you can become on Fiverr.

If you are reading this post, I will assume you already know what Fiverr is all about but for the purpose of beginners, I will just summarize what Fiverr is in simple terms. Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that connects buyers (someone looking for a service) with sellers (professional freelancers that render services). 

Fiverr serves more like a place that houses these buyers and sellers, making sure that there is a smooth transaction between both parties, since they might be from different countries, Fiverr ensures buyers get what they want and sellers also get paid for a job well done.

There are several freelancing platforms on the internet e.g. Upwork, Guru, People per hour, freelancer, Toptal, fivesquid, and so on… but what makes Fiverr unique, is the fact that Fiverr remains one of the best and popular freelancing sites alongside Upwork. It is free to sign up and you don’t have to pay anything to get started and most importantly, Fiverr gets tons of buyers going to the site day by day. This makes it an ideal platform to work with.

So, whether you are a beginner, looking to kickstart your Fiverr business, or you are already a seller, but not making sales, this will surely be of help. Without wasting much time, let’s get started with the main discussion.

    My Fiverr Journey

    Working on Fiverr is not a matter of how long but how well. What this means is that you can become a seller on Fiverr for a year and you won’t make a single dollar $. You can also sign up to Fiverr and start making money in less than a week of creating your seller account.

    The point is, you don’t have to spend months on Fiverr before you can start seeing results. Such a mistake many sellers make is that they create an account and expect to start getting orders without doing anything asides from that.

    I created an account on Fiverr, set up my GIG properly and spent some time promoting it and that same week, I got my first Order and constantly getting more. Of course, I wasn’t special neither did I use any strange method to get the orders. I only put in some extra effort that I will be revealing to you as I write on.

    For the benefit of beginners, I will start from creating your account properly on Fiverr, setting up your profile and seller gigs, how to send the right offers, promoting your gigs, and many other things.

    Since this is going to be detailed, you might want to bookmarks this page, in case you can’t finish reading everything at once. I will also include a clickable “table of content” for easier navigation, in case you want to jump to a particular section in this post.

    IMPORTANT: Before starting on Fiverr, it is important to pick a niche you are good at and have passion for. If you are working in an area that you don't care about, your odds of quitting will greatly increase -- especially if you are not getting results as soon as you want. There are various niches to pick from on Fiverr which includes;

    Graphic Design

    Digital Marketing

    Writing and Translation

    Web development

    Programming and tech

    Video animation Artist…. And many more

    Now, you will note that most of these services requires a seller to possess the needed skill, for example, if you are in the Graphic design niche, you surely must be able to use software like Adobe illustrator, photoshop, Corel draw…Otherwise, you can just get someone who is capable of delivering the job (outsource).

    This is very important because, as a seller on Fiverr, having a good rating will really play a significant part on how many orders you will be getting. You want to make sure that you deliver a satisfying job that will make your buyers give you a 5-star rating or at least a 4.7 rating and good comments. When a buyer is searching for a service, the first thing he checks is the reviews of a seller before contacting him/her.

    No buyer wants to patronize a seller with 3star rating since that would give them the impression that you are not capable of delivering a quality job thereby leading to few or no orders. It’s better not to have any reviews at all than to have a bad one(s).

     Creating an account on Fiverr

    Creating an account on Fiverr is quite simple. You can sign up from here. On the landing page, you are going to click on join. 

    Signup with your email, fill in your Username and Password and click on sign up. You would be prompted to confirm your email after which you would be marked as verified.

    Setting up your profile

    On your Fiverr page, you want to click on the little avatar circle on the top right corner and click on “become a seller”

    Now, you will be prompted to fill in your profile info. Fill in your name and upload your profile picture. In the description box, you want to write briefly about yourself. Fill free to elevate yourself in this section e.g. you can say you have “years of experience” even if you have none. This is what your potential buyers will see when scrolling through your GIG, you definitely want to impress them.

    In the professional info section, you have to pick the niche you want to become a seller on, fill in the relevant skill. For example, if you pick a Digital marketing niche, you can specify which aspect of digital marketing you want to work on, it can be email marketing, content marketing, web traffic, SEO, and so on (all are under digital marketing).

    If you pick a Graphic design niche, you can specify whether you want to offer logo design, business card design, infographics, photoshop editing, banner designs, and many more….

    The next thing is to link your account, this is optional, but it will boost your profile completion rate.

    Lastly, you want to complete your account security by verifying your phone number and click on finish. That would be all about your profile settings (you can always come back and edit the settings later).

    Creating your first GIG

    This is the best part of Fiverr as this is where you are going to talk about the service you render and what buyers should expect from you before ordering from you.

    Now, before you start creating your GIG, it is very important that you look at what is working and not just start writing everything on your own. The truth is, you have to model other existing sellers that are on the first page and getting orders steadily, look at what they are doing right.

    By modeling, I am not saying you should copy them word for word but pick the relevant things that make them rank on the first page which should also be your target, if you want to start getting constant order like they do. I will cover how to go about that in the next paragraph.

    Now, I recommend you use a chrome browser when setting up your Fiverr account. Then you want to download a Fiverr chrome extension to your browser called “Fiverr quick view”. You can download the extension from here.

    What “Fiverr quick view” does is to show you more details about other sellers, which Fiverr won’t reveal to you normally. Details like search tags used by the sellers, keywords e.t.c… This is the thing that will help you rank well on Fiverr as it will help you to know what to input while creating your GIG.

    After installing the “Fiverr quick view” extension, you should open a separate tab and search for other sellers that are rendering the service you intend to also offer. Fiverr quick view will show you the relevant keywords and tags used by these sellers.

    Now, you can click to check any of the sellers and check what they wrote in their description as well as their pricing. This will really help you to know what you are going to write as well in order to rank like they do. 

    GIG Title

    After checking out the sellers that are doing well in your intending niche, you can then go to your GIG and write a nice title that will include the relevant keywords.

    For instance, if you are into logo design, you must include keywords in your title e.g. “I will design a minimalist logo for your business or brand”. This way, you have included a relevant keyword that buyers are probably searching for on Fiverr “minimalist” “logo”…

    If you are into marketing for example, you can say “I will promote your YouTube channel and videos to a large audience”… these are some of the things Fiverr quick view will reveal to you so you can know what to include in your GIG title and tags.

    Scope & Pricing

    Next will be your Scope & Pricing. You should also model what the existing sellers are doing. As a new seller, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to hike your price, since you are just building your reputation and have no reviews yet that will justify your pricing.

    You also don’t want to reduce your price too much so you are not on the losing side. Remember, you are on Fiverr to make money and not for charity business.

    This is why you will see some top-rated sellers on Fiverr, having a basic price as high as $400 while low-level sellers offering the same service of the same quality for as low as $50. This is because the top-rated or pro sellers have built their reputation over the years with a lot of positive ratings from buyers. This makes it easy for buyers to trust them with their work and not mind the asking price. So, you will also start with a lesser price and then increase as your reputation grows.

    Your basic will be your lowest price, followed by standard then premium, which will be the highest on your Gig, so, feel free to play around a little bit. Select the number of days that will take you to deliver your service on each section and other things.


    This section in your Gig setup is also important because this is where you will talk about the service you want to render and what your buyers should expect. You definitely want to make sure to include the keywords in your description. This will allow Fiverr algorithm to pick up these keywords thereby making you rank in its search engine.


    In this section, you want to state what you would be needing from your buyers, in other to get the job done. For instance, if you are into graphic design, your requirement might be, buyers should provide you with details of what they want, is it a logo design, what kind of logo

    If you into promotion, you might state in your requirement, that buyers should provide links to their site, store, or social platform. This will allow you to get everything you need to deliver the desired job.


    This is another important section when setting up your Gig. I have gotten a lot of direct orders on Fiverr just because of my Gig image. Sometimes, a buyer might contact you and say something like

    “Hello there, I saw the details on your Gig image and I believe you should be able to get my work done. I want to grow my Tiktok channel. Are you available to work?

    What this means is that the image contains every piece of information about your service in a single image. Oftentimes, buyers are convinced when they see your image has summarized everything the gig has to offer.

    You should try as much as possible to get a nice Gig image that will stand out and look attractive to your potential buyers. You can get can easily get a nice design on Canva.

    Check other sellers' images to have an idea of what they are doing, this will help you design an attractive image. IMPORTANT: Using a Gig video in your Gig will also be a bonus as Fiverr usually rank a video much faster than an image. This is totally optional. Just make sure you rename your images with the relevant keywords as this will also help optimize your Gig.

    NOTE: Do not attempt to copy images from google site as Fiverr will detect you copied them and definitely reject them. So, save yourself the stress.

    Publish your Gig

    The final step is to publish your Gig but before that, you might be asked to take a test. Don’t worry, this is a simple English test that can be completed immediately. Make sure you pass the test so that you can finally publish your Gig and make it go live.

    After publishing your Gig, you are ready to start selling on Fiverr and getting your first order. Now, I am going to discuss how to start getting orders on Fiverr in no time.

    One of the mistakes made by Fiverr sellers is, they create a Gig and go to sleep hoping to start getting orders as soon as possible, only to get disappointed. No order and they lose hope and eventually give up.

    Don’t get me wrong, it is very possible to get your first order in 24 hours without doing anything, Yes! It happens but that would mean, you Gig somehow found its way on the first page so fast.

    However, this doesn’t happen every time and you need to count yourself lucky if that happens to you. Another factor can be the niche you are into. If you find yourself offering a service that is not yet saturated on fiver, it’s easier to rank much faster than you can ever imagine.

    If you are in a niche that is very saturated like logo design niche, it will take a miracle for you to rank in the first page that fast.

    Whether you rank on the first page or not, this doesn’t mean you can get your first order even faster than someone on the first page. So far as you can do some important things I am going to talk about in my next paragraph.

    Sending Buyers Request

    Sending buyer's requests will surely help you get your first order on Fiverr if you do it well. Note, you don’t always get to see requests from the buyers in the buyer’s request section as it works with time and country.

    I have studied the buyer’s request and I find it to be available early in the morning around 5:30am to 7:00am 12:00pm to 3:00pm and 8:00pm to 10:00pm. This might differ on your own part. You want to study this time and find out when you usually see the requests. This will give you a hint on when to go to that section and be amongst the first persons to send an offer to intending buyers.

    Buyer’s Request Tip: when sending your offer, make sure you include the details of what the buyer wants and how you will execute the job. This will give the buyer the impression that you understand what he wants and will likely contact you.

    a. This doesn’t mean you should make your offer unnecessarily long and write irrelevant things as that can also bore the buyer easily. Just focus on the details and summarize what you will do.

    b. Do not send an offer to a request if more than 30 other sellers have already sent it before you. The probability that the buyer will even get to read your request is very slim not to talk of contacting you. Make sure you are among the first 20 when sending your offer, this way, you stand a good chance of getting a message from buyers. Take of this so you don’t just waste your offers, since you only get to send 10 offers per day.

    c. Watch out for requests from some buyers who are looking for a seller to do a complex task for $5, most of them are sellers on Fiverr who got the job at a much higher price and looking to outsource for a ridiculous amount. Chances are, they are never going to get satisfied with your work and would always want to cancel the job (Scammers). Always work for a buyer who is willing to pay a reasonable amount for your work.

    Promoting your Gig

    Promoting your Gig can really help you if you want to get your first order as soon as possible. By promotion. I don’t mean spending money on paid ads or spamming social media sites with your link.

    By promotion, I mean, using a simple strategy that will help you rank your Gig on Fiverr fast. This method works well and you don’t have to spend a dime to get that done.

    From what I notice, I see that Fiverr ranks a Gig when such Gig is getting impressions, clicks, and favorites. One way to get that done is through Facebook groups. Not just any Facebook groups but groups that allow Fiverr sellers to help each other. 

    If you study sellers that are getting consistent sales on Fiverr, you will see that most of them are from Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries. This is not a coincidence because if you go on Facebook groups that do Fiverr Gig exchange, it is mostly filled with these guys and this allows them to rank well on Fiverr.

    What you want to do is join these groups, like 3 or 4. Once you get approved, you can make a post with your Fiverr link, asking for “click for click” (people will click on your Gig, scroll through and favorite your Gig while you return the favor). This will make the Fiverr algorithm think people are checking your Gig thereby ranking you up the ladder.

    Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest should be your next line of destination for promoting your Gigs. These platforms are where you can get potential buyers since most of their traffic/visitors are from the United States, Uk, Canada, Australia e.t.c…These are your target audience.

    Important Tips that will contribute to your success on Fiverr

    Treat your Fiverr account like a business and check your buyer’s request often. Put extra effort at the initial stage will surely pay off, if you don’t relent.

    Create at least 3 Gigs in your account as this will give you a better chance of getting an order. If you are in the graphic design niche, you can a Gig on “Logo design”, another can be “Social media design”, and another can be “business cards design”. So far, they are all in the same Graphic design niche.


    Working on Fiverr is not as difficult as it seems and doesn’t have to be complicated. Following simple steps and making little modifications like these can help a lot and get you the desired results.

    Follow the processes I have listed above and put what you have learned into action. Remember, working on Fiverr requires patient, dedication, and work. Don’t just expect to start making money overnight on Fiverr. It is not a get rich quick scheme but you don’t give up, your effort will surely pay off. 

    I will keep on updating this article if there is a new development. Drop your comment below and let me know if you find this helpful.

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