[Ultimate Guide] How to make money with CPA marketing in 2021 guaranteed

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If you want to make money online without stress, you definitely want to stick to this post because I am going to share a unique method that I and some other smart guys have been using to make good money online.

Now, if you read this post to the end and follow the steps carefully, I can assure, you will make money as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, this method I am going to teach you is something I can easily get paid for if I decide to make it a simple course.

But of course, I want to give you guys things of value on this blog, that will make you a ton of money in a few weeks from now if you follow up properly.

To put it in a simple term, I will show you step by step ways you can easily make money with CPA marketing as well as the method I am using to make money from a particular CPA network. But before I go into proper detail, I will just explain what CPA marketing is for the benefit of newbies that don’t know what this is about.


In simple terms, CPA marketing otherwise known as cost per action marketing is a type of affiliate marketing that involves people taking action through your offer link and you get paid once these actions are completed. Unlike normal affiliate marketing that requires people to make a purchase through your link before you can earn a commission.

CPA marketing only requires users to complete an action from your link e.g. complete a survey, unlock a file or video, download, sign up to a site, and many more. Once actions like these are completed, you get paid a commission, depending on the offer you are promoting.

With CPA marketing, you can get paid anything from $0.50 to even $20 for any action or offer completed through your link, depending on the type of offer you choose to promote and whether you choose to do content locking.

You only need to promote your offer links on any social platform or website where people who are interested in such offers can easily Click on your link and you get paid.

We have various CPA networks like Adworkmedia, CPALead, CPAGrip, CPA GEM and many more. They are all similar in terms of what they do but, the one I am currently using and making money on is CPA GEM, which is the network I will also be using as an example in my subsequent explanations.

What all said, I will now discuss CPA GEM and how you can easily make money from this network, using a simple strategy.


CPA GEM is one of the best CPA networks with good offers and a simple website interface that is super easy to understand. It is newbie-friendly, unlike Adworkmedia that is kind of complex to work on (but has good offers as well). You can simply sign up to CPA GEM from here. It takes less than 1 minute to do that.

Once you are signed up, you will be taken to your dashboard where you can easily navigate and complete your account setting on the site. Now, you can pick offers to promote but what works best on any CPA network is content locking, which is also what I do.

Content locking involves you locking something, maybe a free book, video, or anything of value that you think people will want and giving it out for free. Once anyone clicks on your link to get the freebie, such a person will be prompted to complete an offer to unlock the free item and you get paid once the offer is completed.

I can go into further details but, in order not to make this post too long, I will continue to the steps you have to follow to start making money with CPA GEM. So if you follow step by step explanation, you will surely see the result in no time.

Step by step ways to make money with CPA GEM

To get things working as quickly as possible, after creating an account with CPA GEM, you simply have to look for a thing of value that you can give out for free. For example, I have an eBook I want to give out for free (you can download a similar book from here).

Once you have the freebie ready. E.g “free eBook on how to lose weight” or “video guide on how to train a dog” or any other thing you know people will like to get for free. You can then upload it on your google drive or anywhere it would be downloadable. This will ensure that the people that complete your offers get the free content, as CPA GEM will redirect them to the free item once the offer is completed.

Follow these processes to simply lock your content on CPA GEM. See images below;

In summary, click on "content lockers" on your dashboard and click on "+new locker". Next is to customize the look of your locker by filling in what you want to appear to people that click on your link and make sure you insert the free item link in the "Redirect Url" section. Click on "create locker" to complete your content locking.

Once you have successfully locked the content, the next thing is to get your link and start promoting and getting people to unlock offers to be able to access your free item.

Apparently, what most people will do is go on Facebook or any social media sites, trying to promote their link but oftentimes, this doesn’t always work out like that easily, especially if you don’t have any marketing experience.

Important: to post your CPA link on any social platform, you should shorten your link with bitly or any other link shortener. This is because social media platforms usually reject affiliate links nowadays. Moreover, you need to make your link short in order not to look unattractive.

So, to make your effort worthwhile and get results fast, there is a simple method I am using to make this work.  A lot of people don’t know about this but, since you find yourself reading this post, you will be able to use this method for yourself and start making money.

In simple terms, what you will be doing to get paid on CPA GEM is to get people to unlock the content for a small token while you make the most amount of money. That is, you will use a platform where you can pay as low as $0.20 (20 cents) for someone to unlock your offer while you will get paid around $0.84 from CPA GEM, once the content has been unlocked from these workers who will do the work for you. Does that make sense? NOTE: CPA allows incentives so you can't possibly get into any trouble using this method

The platform you are going to use to carry this out is Picoworkers. This is the kind of website you go to if you are looking for people to carry out simple tasks while you pay them a token. To know more about Picoworkers.

read my detailed post about picoworkers from here

You can sign up to picoworkers from here if you don’t have an account already. Once you have your account created and set up properly, you will then need to deposit $10 or more, which you will use to pay like 40 workers or more to carry out your job. (note: spending $10 will get you around $50 to $60 on CPA GEM, so you can spend more if you want to earn more). Feel free to start out with $10 and once you see the results, you can then spend more.

After you have deposited some funds, you can then go ahead and post a job. Follow these steps as illustrated below.

In is the section, you are going to specify the steps involved to complete the task. for instance, I wrote in my example;
Step 1: simple go here (I inserted my Twitter link, where I posted about my CPA offer). see the image example of my Twitter post below.

Step 2: I asked them to "click on the link on the post and complete one offer to unlock my content"
Step 3: send the screenshot of the book after they have completed the offer.

That's it! Once you are done doing these, you can then submit the job which will be approved some minutes after. Soon after your job has been approved, workers on the platform will start doing your task and you will be prompted to pay them once you have seen the proof of job completed and seen your earnings on CPA GEM. I hope you understand this?

If you understand everything I have said so far and get the idea, the next thing is to learn few things you must know when posting job on picoworkers for you to get the best result.

Things to keep in mind (very important)

a. Once you have created an account on CPA GEM as well as on picoworkers, it is advisable that you take some minutes to familiarize yourself with the site.

b. Like several other CPA networks, CPA GEM  content locking offers are not always available to all countries. So you definitely want to exclude some countries when posting your job on Picoworkers e.g. India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Albania, Philippines as so on.

c. As stated in my image example above, when posting on picoworkers, do not put the direct link to your locked content there. You can simply make a post on Twitter or Facebook with the link, then copy the link to the post, which you can then put in picoworkers so your workers will be redirected there first. This will make it look like your traffic to CPA GEM is coming from social platforms like Twitter or Facebook rather than picoworkers. Do you grab that?

d. Apart from content locking, you can also choose to use the offers already available on CPA GEM if you don't have any free and valuable items that you can give to your audience. Just go to the offers section and pick any offer that is suitable to you.

e. What that said, if you can follow all these procedures, you will definitely make a killing on CPA GEM or any other CPA network. Since this is the strategy I am using to make money on CPA GEM at the moment, why can’t you do the same?

d. As long as you are willing to take action and follow these simple steps, your success is sure with this method. Remember, nothing good comes easy and you should be willing to put extra effort into everything you are doing.

Click here to Sign up for CPA GEM 

Let me know if you find this post useful and if you think it’s something you can do. See you in my next post. 

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