Mine cryptocurrency on pc: best cryptocurrency to mine in 2022 (free software)

best crypto to mine 2021

Have you ever thought about bitcoin mining or how you can accumulate bitcoin for yourself? You will learn everything you need to know from this post.

I believe I don’t need to mention what Bitcoin is, as it is perhaps, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world right now and every right thinking person wants to jump on it.

So, what you are going to learn on this post is how you can start mining bitcoin from the comfort of your home, using your PC without any hassle.

It’s no surprise why this “iconic” cryptocurrency is highly sort after because of its everyday value increase. Bitcoin is mined by top tech companies with the help of their very powerful hybrid computers and huge electricity, which solves different mathematical solutions/calculations and then generate satoshis (coins).

Nowadays, it is now possible to mine this coin in small quantities using our personal PC or phones, with the help of some good software.

However, what a lot of people don’t know is, mining with personal PC or phone can cause more harm than good, if not done carefully or the required software to use.

The truth is if you want to mine bitcoin with your device, it’s highly recommended that you use a very good PC, preferably a laptop/desktop computer with nice specs and capability (having GPU works best).

If you also have a fairly good CPU computer or laptop, you can also mine with the software I am going to share on this post and everything you need to be watchful of (I don’t recommend using a mobile device).

The mining site and software that will be used to mine crypto on our PC is called Kryptex and I will also be showing you how to withdraw your mined coins.


Kryptex is a website and software developed solely for cryptocurrency mining and they pay in bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies as well as real money. You only need to sign up on the site and download the kryptex software, install on your pc and run it to start mining bitcoin immediately.


You can go to Kryptex website directly from here. On the kryptex landing page click “create account” to set up your account first.

Enter your Gmail and password and click to create an account. You will be taken to your dashboard (make sure you also confirm your account from the mail sent to your email box)

Download the krypto software from your dashboard and install it.

Afterall, components have been installed, you will open the app and it will automatically detect your systems properties and you would be prompted to sign with your kryptex details. 

Once everything is checked, the mining will start and your monthly earnings will be estimated based on system capabilities and the price of bitcoin at that time. Now, let things run background while you continue your normal activities.


1. If you are still reading this post, it might also interest you to know few things to keep in mind before you can decide if this is meant for you or not.

2. In order to achieve profitable bitcoin mining and the highest possible earnings, check if your PC/Laptop is has a 64bit operating system and on the high side (Gaming PC and any other pc with a strong GPU). However, if you have a CPU computer, you can also use it but, your earnings will be low compared to the former.

3. You should also monitor your PC every once in a while just to be on the safer side. Things like your PC’s temperature

With everything said so far, you can start mining crypto safely from the comfort of your home. 


Once you start growing your earnings on kryptex, you can withdraw your money at any time, so far you have a crypto wallet. If you don’t have one, you can easily create a new wallet and I recommend using Coinbase because it allows you to manage different cryptocurrencies in one wallet and very secured. Sign up to Coinbase from here.

Once your account is created, you just simply need to copy your wallet address and go to the withdrawal section from your kryptex account and insert your address. Click withdraw and your earnings will be transferred to your wallet as quickly as possible.

Basically, these are things you need to know in order to start mining bitcoin from the comfort of your home.

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