how to make money with Instagram for beginners

It’s no secret that Instagram is of the best and popular social media platforms in the world with unlimited opportunities. Apart from being a social platform where people interact from any part of the world. It is also an avenue used for business purposes.

Smart marketers and online influencers use this platform to make a full-time income, leveraging on a large audience of very active users to promote their business/brand.

This post aims to show you a simple method you can also apply to make money online while using the power of Instagram. The reason behind this recommendation also lies in the fact that Instagram gets more engagement and very responsive users. Which makes it the right platform to use for better conversion and business growth than any other social media website.

The idea here is to promote your product or offer any other thing to a large audience and get traffic and sales. This works like magic and will earn you more money sooner than you can ever imagine.

I know what might likely come to your mind is “I don’t have much followers, so how do I go about this!”

The truth is, for you to start growing your audience will surely take a lot of time and effort to achieve and I wouldn’t advise you to go that route, which will be time-consuming. The idea is to work smart, not hard.

To work effectively and get a faster result, you can simply get an already established and mature Instagram account with thousands of active following from FAMESWAP and start promoting whatever you want as soon as possible.

Not only will this make your work easier, but you also get to somehow become an influencer overnight as you will get transfer of account ownership thereby owning large followers to yourself. So how does Fameswap work?


Fameswap is an online marketplace that acts as an escrow or middleman between Instagram account sellers and buyers. Fameswap ensures the buyer gets value for what he/she is paying for while the seller also gets paid, thereby avoiding any form of discrepancies from both parties.

Fameswap allows users who have to grow their account following over the years and wanting to sell it off, get access to potential buyers and ensure some transactions. Click below to learn more about fameswap

After you have been able to secure a good account on any niche of choice from Fameswap, you are ready to start making money online.

Next is to join an Affiliate network if you don’t already have what to promote. For instance, you can join SFI Affiliate program and start promoting their products to earn good commissions.

Otherwise, you can join Affiliate networks like Maxbounty, Clickbank, CJ Affiliates, Amazon, Digistore, Nutriprofits, JV Zoo, and many more… feel free to explore until you find products you would like to promote.

Keep in mind that whatever you choose to promote should coincide with the niche of your Instagram account. E.g if it’s in the line health and fitness niche, then you should probably focus on promoting fitness/weight loss products and so on… for better results. With that in mind, you can start trying things out and see what works.

Apart from promoting product offers, website, sales page… there are other benefits and opportunities like getting paid to make a “shout out” for people who might reach out to you and would like to create a brand awareness for themselves, leveraging on your audience (Influencer).

You can also create a service (GIG) on Fiverr as a promoter (trust me, you will make a lot of money with this).


The benefit of using Instagram is enormous that most people can imagine and will make your marketing effort easy and worthwhile. You wouldn’t have to keep spending on paid ads. 

Buying an account on Fameswap will make things super easy and yield fast results, enabling you to promote your brand/business freely, drive traffic and most importantly, make money online.

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