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Blogging till today is very relevant and will continue to be. As such, makes it one of the best ways to make money online. Like any other online business, Blogging can serve as a side hustle or even a full-time income if treated as a business and given the necessary attention.

This post focuses on why you need to start your own blog, if you don’t already have one and how you can make the best out of your blog and make money as soon as possible. Like any other real business endeavour, blogging requires work, dedication, and patience, especially when starting out. But once the reward starts coming, you would never need to work yourself out anymore any enjoy the benefits.

From my point of view, Blogging, freelancing, Affiliate marketing and starting a YouTube channel are some of the online businesses that I consider to be sustainable online businesses that will surely make you money consistently and anybody can learn about.

But, none is a “get rich quick” scheme, as you will have to put it in great effort and invest some time to make it work. By time, I don’t mean you will have to wait for so long before you can make money from a blog. As a matter of fact, you can make money from a blog in just a few weeks of starting out. However, it is better not to raise your expectations too high and focus more on giving value than earning potential alone. 

I have two separate blogs that are making money online on a daily basis with ads and Affiliate marketing. This simple blog you are reading generates revenue with “ads” and “Affiliate promotion”. This is not as hard as you might think and I see no reason why you can’t do the same or better.

Now, let me state some reasons why you need to start your own blog site today.

1. Blogging gives you the platform to project your thoughts and ideas to a large audience. You can write about what you have a passion for or what makes you excited. You can offer solutions to things you have knowledge about, thereby helping people with your content and making money doing so.

You can write about almost anything and grow a huge audience of people who are interested in what you write about. For example, if you have travelled or toured different countries over the years or know about people's cultures. Nothing stops you from creating a blog in the “Travelling niche” to enlighten people who are very much interested in knowing more about these places and to help them decide places to visit as well.

Or perhaps you are a Chef or know a lot about cooking, you can start a “Recipe blog”. You can create a blog in the “sporting niche” if you are a sports enthusiast and so on… this will make you more resourceful and widen your knowledge.

2. Helps you make more money effectively from Affiliate Marketing: The mistake that most affiliate marketers or should I say the reason most intending affiliate marketers are not really getting the expected results from their marketing efforts are because most of them don’t consider having a blog necessary.

Most people looking to make money with affiliate marketing simply want to join an affiliate program, pick a product to promote, and run ads to their affiliate links hoping to get people to buy these products and earn commissions. While this doesn’t look sound like a bad idea and can also earn your money, I strongly believe it’s not smart enough and might not make you enough profit compared to money probably invested on paid ads. 

Let me give you an example of what I mean;

Mr A (without a blog) - Joins an affiliate program e.g Clickbank, finds a very good product to promote, gets his unique link and runs paid ads or organic promotion to drive traffic/visitors directly to his affiliate sales page. At the end of the day, he gets 1000 visitors and about five (10) people buy the product. He earns some commission.

Mr B (who has a Blog) - Joins an affiliate program e.g Clickbank, finds a very good product to promote and rewrite or transfer the content of the product into his own blog (already monetized with AdSense). Insert is Unique Affiliate links in the content and runs paid ads or organic promotion to drive traffic/visitors directly to his affiliate sales page. At the end of the day, he gets 1000 visitors and about five (10) people buy the product. He earns some commission.

From the above scenario, who do you think will make the most amount of money? If your guess is as good as mine, it is easier to know that Mr B will make the most amount of money just because he has used his blog, even if just 10 people buy his recommended product, he will also be able to monetize the rest of the traffic with ads. he is also likely to retain most of These visitors who although didn’t buy the intended product, they will also find something useful while surfing the blog... Doesn’t that make sense?

Mr A, although made 10 sales from 1000 visitors, will make the rest 990 visitors amount to wasted traffic. Now, in a situation where either of the two was unable to make any sale whatsoever (which is very possible), Mr A makes nothing and loses money spent on ads while Mr B will still make a good amount of money from ads despite making no sale.

The surest way to make money with your blog is through ads, be it Google AdSense, Ezoic,, propeller ads, Mediavine, Adsterra, and any other high-paying ads network.

I, for instance, taking time to write this content to give value and help people who might have an interest in starting a blog is not because of that alone. The truth is, I also have some expectations, to grow my blog, make a decent amount of money to maintain my lifestyle, and continue posting good content. All these, I think I am able to achieve without any adverse effect on the visitors of this blog and within my convenience.

Google AdSense is of course the most popular ads network but not the only one that can earn you a good amount of ads revenue. You can always apply for any other ads network that pays better than AdSense itself. 

However, what is most important and I believe you should focus more energy on is creating quality content or article as this will determine how successful your blog becomes. It is important to always give visitors a reason to stay and read more and not just the earning potential alone.

To summarize the key points of a successful blog

-         Get a simple, clean, and attractive blog design (theme)

-         Pick a niche, Create quality content to post regularly

-         Work on getting traffic

Monetize your blog effectively

These are the key things you need to work on to achieve the best result from a blog. Let’s now break it down a little bit for proper understanding.

How to Create a Blog

I can’t possibly discuss much on this here but will give you options you can take to create a good blog.

1. Start from Scratch (DIY): you can learn the basics of creating a blog by doing some extra research online for relevant materials. You can use a reputable web hosting platform like Bluehost to create your WordPress blog easily with pre-made templates and drag and drop.


2. Hire a Professional: this method is fast and will make your life easy, you can hire a professional web designer on Fiverr, who will do everything for you based on your request and wants. You can check out a recommended designer on Fiverr here.

3. Our services: I and my team can offer you our services. We can help you create a Responsive and attractive Blog, set up your domain name, design a logo, write high-quality SEO blog posts for you on any niche you choose and also monetize your blog with ads all within 10 days.

 Click here To contact us on Telegram if you would prefer this service.

It’s up to you to decide on this, you can simply start from scratch if you have the time and are also willing to learn, it might be a little slow but who says you can get it done. 

The second and Third options are fast and don’t require any work from your end. However, it will require you to pay for the professional service done. Blogging requires work and time but you can always pay people to do the work for you.

Creating Quality Content

This is arguably the best part of starting a blog, “Content Creation”. You should never get tired of writing or posting quality and relevant articles on your blog. This is to make sure that your blog stays updated and also give your audience the information they need. This can be overwhelming and you might even run out of ideas on what to write about but with the help of the internet, you can easily find other well-established blogs in your niche to get more ideas on what to write about and rewrite it in your own writing.

You might not be a good writer or perhaps not confident about your writing may be because you don’t want to make mistakes in terms of cohesion, spelling and errors. Just know that no writer is perfect. You can install the Grammarly browser extension (this will be of immense benefit as it will help you correct a lot of errors while writing, and make you write like a professional). 

If you are the busy type and can’t really write your blog articles yourself, you can get quality content written for your blog on platforms like Hirewriters for a very cheap price. All these is will make your work easier.

Getting Quality Traffic

This is the most important aspect that will determine the success or failure of a blog site. Let’s face it! Even if you have a nice and attractive blog with good content, if you are not getting visitors/traffic to your blog, it will amount to a futile effort.

Getting quality traffic poses a huge challenge for a lot of bloggers and can be very frustrating. Especially when you are just starting out and your blog is still in its infant stage. You will have to put a lot of things in place e.g. S.E.O, creating backlinks, promoting, and so on…

However, getting traffic shouldn’t be a challenge to you, as a matter of fact, you can start driving traffic to your blog from your first day. You can get traffic from Google just by the quality of your content, share your post on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook groups. Posting on top forums like Quora or Reddit will also get you a good amount of traffic. Pinterest is also a fantastic place to drive traffic. All these are ways to get free traffic to your blog posts.

Anything pertaining to Quality traffic can be sourced from platforms like SeoClerks or Udimi. These sites work perfectly for getting traffic to website/blogs, Affiliate links, lead pages, sales funnel, and so on.

Monetize your Blog

Once everything is in place, you can start making money with your blog. Monetizing with ads will require you to sign up as a publisher on ads networks like Adsense, Adcash, Adsterra, propellers ads (these are free to join and don’t require you to have any minimum traffic before you can apply for them).

You can then upgrade your ads to Mediavine,, Ezoic once you start getting a lot of traffic to your blog per month as these ads network will require you to have a minimum amount of visitors on your blog before you can apply.

Apart from ads revenue, you can easily promote affiliate offers and programs on your blog and make money. It’s quite easy to join Affiliate networks like Amazon affiliate, Clickbank, CJ, Digistore, Nutriprofits, flex offers, and many more.

Pick a product that soothes you (it can be digital or physical) and correlate’s with what you discuss on your blog and earn a commission when people take action or buy products via your link. We have bloggers that don’t run ads on their blogs and are making tons of money just promoting affiliate offers.

If your blog is about health and wellbeing, for instance, you can pick weight loss products and health supplements to promote on your blog. Write a small article on the benefits of using the product, insert your link in between your posts, get targeted traffic, and start earning commissions.

Other ways to monetize your blog can be through sponsored posts. Business owners and marketers can pay you to post about their business on your blog, thereby leveraging on your traffic (this method will mostly occur once you have been able to build a strong authority blog for yourself).


With everything discussed so far, I believe you should have a little idea of why owning a blog is important and its benefits.

If you feel convinced and decide to start blogging, please keep in mind that you are about to start a business endeavour and will require some work and dedication to achieve the desired results. I obviously can’t cover everything in detail in this article but just to give you an overview and blueprint of what to focus on, if you are confused on how to get started.

All in all, the first thing is to take action, start from somewhere and learn to improve further. Let me know what you think and if you find this article helpful in the comment section below.

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